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Online assessments for oil & gas industry personnel

We provide system specific training for oil & gas production personnel working on offshore and onshore installations.

Gas Plant

We have many years experience in providing training solutions to the oil & gas industry, resulting in an extensive international client list.

We specialise in providing system specific:

          •   Learning management systems
          •   Training manuals and handbooks
          •   Interactive CD's, and
          •   Classroom based courses.

Learning management systems

We develop system specific Assessment Programs which form part of an LMS (Learning Management System) - an interactive, trackable LMS can be developed to facilitate training. Users can login at any time and run through courses, without the need to travel to learning centres or have extended downtime away from their job. An LMS provides a central hub for your company's training needs, and can:

          •   Track users
          •   Alert management to courses being completed
          •   Allow users to keep an accurate training record
          •   Build competency records
          •   Permit access anytime, anywhere and simultaneously from multiple PC's

The system can also:

          •   Include large technical diagrams
          •   Provide detailed evaluation reports
          •   Store results centrally to provide a continuous record of training

Many different question types can be used including: multiple choice & multiple response, text match, drag & drop, and also hot spot using specific operator drawings and P&ID's.

The assessment program runs within the default internet browser using separate 'user' and 'administrator' log-in keys.

System specific services